#FVBridal Interview: Mimpikita


“It’s now possible to find the perfect dress, modern kurung or bridal set with a dream price tag to match,”

“Awe-inspiring” is one way we would describe the bridal designs Mimpikita presented at the #FVBridal launch last week. With draped capes and floral details, many gasped as their breath was taken away with the wonderful dresses flowing down the runway.

FV: Tell us about your collection.

MK: More brides have recently taken a liking towards bridal wear that’s more in line with their personal style, i.e. comfortable separates and floor-length capes. Our ready-to-wear bridal collection for FashionValet is for the modern bride who’s looking for alternatives for her special day; and fret not, the Mimpikita aesthetic still remains strong in this collection with our signature feminine and lady-like silhouettes.

FV: What are your top five pieces of advice?

MK: Remain true to your personal style and if you count yourself as a non-traditional, bride, that’s where colour comes in. Be it a pop of colour to your wedding day get-up or a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired frock in pretty pink, by all means. do it!

Limit yourself to only one friend when dress-shopping — bringing the entire bridal party/family will only make the process more complicated and stressful (for you and the shop assistants!).

Let your personality shine through accessories — a fun twist on statement earrings or flirty hairpiece makes all the difference!

Try on various cuttings before settling on the dream dress… You never know how they’ll fit until you try on all the options.

Lastly, tie your look to your wedding location. If you’re having a traditional ceremony, opt for a classic, timeless dress i.e. a modern kurung or have songket fabric.

FV: Pick a favourite: chiffon or silk? 

MK: Actually, chiffon is a type of silk; here at Mimpikita, we tend to use a wide range of silk fabrics to achieve different structures and silhouettes. Chiffon is, of course, lightweight and comfortable, and its drape ability proves no match. Whereas with heavier silk materials like crepe or heavy crepe is great if you want something a little more substantial and dressier for evening functions.

FV: It’s not your first time working with FashionValet — what has made this a different experience to the rest?

MK: It’s definitely exciting to grow with a brand that has steadily expanded to encompass everything from wedding dresses to beauty. At the same time, it’s a great time to cater to brides on a budget. A number of chic options from Mimpikita are under RM2,500, thanks to the number of young designer labels that are on board with FashionValet’s new bridal category.


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